The Gravedigger


I grew up in a smallish town in the far reaching area of Western Pennsyltucky in the late 60's early 70's. There wasn't much to do but party and rock and roll, so my musical tastes are rooted there.

After graduating and looking around it was either the steel mill or retail so I fled the area searching for greener pastures and ended up in the grey pastures or the U.S. Navy. There my musical tastes, after interacting with all kinds of people just pretty much sealed my belief there was nothing rock wise recorded after the late 70's, until my final deployment where I helped produce an early morning live News Show for the CCTV system.

I also helped with the days programming on the ship's entertainment system and learned that not everyone had my opinion of music so I had to give in and program 80's bands and all...still shudder thinking of my first program I incorporated that stuff into. So after 6 months of that programming I finally broke down and said OK there is some music that was recorded after the 70's. During my time in the service I also did a stint as the sound man for a friendís band that used to play at the local Marine Corp station. That was a drunken learning experience of 80's music as well.

After getting out of the service I just listened to music and did various jobs. It was during this time I heard and started listening to modern Country and thought ...hmmmmm just like my old 70's rock and roll.

After going through my divorce I fled back to the friendly confines of Western Pennsyltucky and did a short stint as a fill in DJ at a terrestrial Christian Rock Station and learned other than Stryper I really didn't care for Christian Rock, so moved on and went to work in the Mills.

Then it was on to the internet and chat-rooms on Buzzen where I did some shows for a room station called D/s FM. This was fun but the room kind of imploded so I left chat and I am now back. Loud, Proud and Ready to rock!!