DJ Shadow

Hmmmm! Now where do I go! This aimless wandering is outrageous! I Love It!!!Well hello there people!!! Some of you may already know me but, for those who do not let me introduce myself. I am DJ Shadow! For those of you who know me and questioning why the change again, this should help clear it up for you!I am originally from New London, Connecticut. Now living in Cincinnati, Ohio! I am a veteran, having served in the U.S. Air Force, U.S. Army, Ohio Army National Guard and Ohio Air National Guard for a total of 14 years service. All this time was between June 1972 and September 1986. So you now have an idea of my age!

I am divorced with 5 adult children! (3 girls and 2 boys!) 6 grandchildren! (3 girls (again) and 3 boys! I grew up, in the inner city, listening to different genres of music. Mom loved her country and polka music! The neighbors were in to jazz and blues! The older teens, I tagged along with, listened to the new thing called Rock and Roll! And because I lived in the inner city I was exposed to a lot of Rhythm & Blues which birthed the Motown era. My knowledge of music history may not be what it should be but I knew and still know what I liked. My preferred genres are R&B, jazz and the blues. But I appreciate all music. Even what some may say is not music. Yes, I am peaking of rap! There is some garbage in that area, true enough! However, just like all music, we need to listen to what is being said or how well it is produced.I did have a great wax collection at one time. Long story short! They were kept! Once CD's came into existence, I began collecting again.

My collection is large. Maybe not as large as some others but I do try to add to it monthly! So if you happen to look at my playlist and do not see something, give me a shout with e-mail and I will make an effort to obtain it. As for my dj experience! That is a bit crazy! I got into it on a dare, while chatting online! A lot of us would be listening to music and then start talking about various artists and tunes, which led to our quoting lyrics as we talked. Making people guess who the artist was. That led to a few people suggesting, on a dare, that I try for an online station we all listened to. I knew, so I thought, that I would not be accepted. So I checked into it and submitted a voice promo. Wouldn't you know it, The joke was on me. I was accepted and began my journey as the late, late night dj. Because of job changes, I moved from there to evenings and ended my last assignment as the morning dj here in the States. A position I am now filling here on OUTKAST.FM.

With that change, I felt as if I was being reborn! So I decided to change my on air persona. That worked well for me. But so many people were use to the old me. Some still call me by that name, when we talk. As I thought about it more and more, I didn't really need to change my on air persona. Nor who I am. So I am now and will continue to be DJ Shadow. Like before, it shows my pension for roaming about freely. The difference being that, I will not only be roaming in the shadows of darkness, I will be popping up everywhere, with or without my Nomads. When you think you are alone with just your shadow, you may want to think twice.

Once the idea of creating this station started to materialize, I realized I needed to change. And things started going through my head. I initially thought of Nomad, because as a kid growing up on the East Coast, the `55 Chevy Nomad, was the car everyone wanted and as I said I love to wander from one place/thing to another. So I chose the moniker, The Wanderer! Now I am returning as DJ Shadow but I will not be abandoning My Nomads. They will continue to be my mainstay and as you check our site for each of the DJ's that is live and on air, mine will continue to show the Nomad with a dark character close by at times. If not I can pretty much guarantee there will be DJ Shadow and his other faithful Nomad. A White Shepherd!

Cincinnati - Ohio - USA