♪No Rest For The Wicked♪

What is Wicked’s story..? Well...if I think for a moment along the lines of "how did I end up here" what comes to mind are the group of people who believed in me and encouraged me and the one who took the time, patiently guiding me .. these are the people credited (or blamed) for my presence!

Where do I fit in to the OutKasts...hmmm, I wear many hats, most of them pointed with a wide brim but seriously, alongside these people is where I feel at home. One day I was just a girl, standing in front of the internet, asking it to love her... and then I found a place to belong ...with people that have become my family.Outside of the station, I obviously enjoy time spent on the computer, I will research things of interest, and keep up on my favorite bands. I'm guilty of playing a few card games and ...online shopping ....rocks!

♪ Turn Up The Radio♪

Music in my life has always been something of great importance. For me, music is an element that makes day to day tasks a little more enjoyable, I can relax more quickly, and I can focus more deeply with the sounds of one of my favorite artists in the background. For every emotion, for every experience, for every aspect of life, there is a piece of music. When I can't reach for the right thing to say, I can usually do it with a song. On my list of priorities, music..is just below food...!

♪Halls Of Karma♪

What might you expect from The Wicked Show? I make every effort to consider all the listeners when assembling a show playlist but often times find it filled with variations of rock, classic rock and blues. Acoustic and cover versions excite me, and being the only current Canadian DJ... I try to offer some of the Canadian artists. I guess it could be said my music collection somewhat matches the varied levels of...me! Having been given the chance to be involved with OutKast.FM from conception, fills me with great pride, and I extend to each of you a warm welcome and an open invitation to join us as we bring the best of us... to you.


Location – Ontario, Canada